Black Seed Oil

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Black Seed Oil
Black Seed Oil
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100% Halal
- No secondary source contamination during extraction
- 100% VIRGIN :
We only squeeze our seeds once using cold press technology. This ensures premium virgin quality. We don't add any additives or preservatives.
- 100% Organically Grown Seeds- It is well known that seed quality is determined by climate and soil.
- Our seeds have been grown by a small community of farmers and herbal doctors for centuries in the fertile tropical delta floodplain of the Himalayas. Nurtured using organic traditional farming methods, our seeds yield unparalleled taste, smell & colour.- Black seed has been used widely for centuries throughout the world especially in South Asia & the Middle East, where it is known as the 'Seed of Blessings
'- The seed has a variety of usages and is commonly taken as a general health food supplement. Used on a regular basis the oil from this seed has been known to positively contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
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Md. Ibrahim
Md. Ibrahim

, Bangladesh

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