70000.00 ৳ Sanitizing Tunnel/Chamber/ Booth Making

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  • Published on: June 16, 2020

Premium Sanitizing Tunnel

Conostruction : MS Box Pipe Enamel Paint Finish
Walls : 5mm PVC Board Cover On 2 Side & Top
Branding : Customised Inkject Printed Sticker
Floor : PVC Floor Mat With Drainage System
Disinf. Tank : 20 Ltrs
Dimension : Lenth; 7 Ft, Height; 8 Ft, Widht; 4 Ft

- Low Pressure Pump (145 psi)
- 15 Fog Nozzles (0.3mm)
- Distributed In Three Section
- 360 degree full body disinfection
- Remote Sensors for nozzle Activation

Ideal For
Corporates / Large Offices/ Hospital/ Shoping mall/ Apartment/ large Bulding
Establishments with Low Thoroughput traffic etc.

Outher Product

1) Fixed Infrared Temperature Detectors (with Belgian Sensors) to preauthorize Entry to Sanitizing Tunnel

2) Sanitizing Solution Generator
- Produces Hypochlorous Acid solution in water which destroys 99.5% Virus but is 100% safe for Human inhalation, skin, Eyes, hair and Clothes.

3) Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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