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  • Published on: February 27, 2019

Protect Your home or office from Thief or intruder.
If you live alone or out of home, a security system can alert you in advance if there is an intruder inside your home. Remember that you are not always around to protect your house. So It is important to use a best “home security system” to protect your home, Office, market, bank etc from intruders.

Think that " You are away from home and there is nobody in your home. Now what will happen if a thief or a intruder come into your home ? Your assets must be stolen and you will not understand anything from away.

But don"t worry, our GSM HOME SECURITY SYSTEM will alert you by making a automatic phone call if a thief (any body) entered into your home at any time.
1. Operating Voltage : 4V DC 30mA.
2. Adapter : 220V AC to 5V Dc 300mA.
3. PIR sensor Range : 15 feet.
4. Detection angle : 140 degree.
5. Backup battery : 4v 400mA, Rechargeable.
6. Backup Time : 48 hours.
7. Dimension : 14cm X 10cm X 4cm.
8. Weight : 200 gm.

Operation :
1. open the front part of the box.
2. Insert a SIM card into the phone.
3. Turn ON the phone by pressing (on/off) button(RED) on the front part.
4. Input your personal phone number and press dial button(GREEN).
5. calling process is ok then close front cover again.
6. Now turn ON the devise (ON/OFF) switch.
7. If you move frequently in front it, It will call to your personal number automatically.

LED indication and meaning :

1. RED LED > Blinking (1/2 sec ON, 1/2 sec OFF) : Means Low battery.

2. RED LED > Flashing (4 flash within 6 sec ) : Means It is dialing to you.

3. RED LED > Lighting ( ON for more than 20 sec ) : Means It is busy or being ready for next call.

4. YELLOW LED > Blinking : Means it is effected by mobile Radiation, Magnetic or Electric field.

5. YELLOW LED > Lighting : Means PIR sensor detect a human or other animal.

NOTE : The devise will be paused at low battery and radiation effected condition.
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