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  • Published on: February 4, 2019

Bluetooth Remote switch is a remote control switching system that can control electric and electronics appliance using Bluetooth enable mobile phone. It has three separate relay to turn ON/OFF your equipment (light, fan, AC, Pump etc.).
Turn on the device by Power (on/off) switch. RED light will lit. Now search for this device Named "TH-10SU" from your handset using Bluetooth connectivity. If found than pair and connect it. Generate DTMF audio by dialing your keypad or by others "DTMF Generator APP".
see the installation/connection diagram before connect it.

Control and Command List :
Selection Digit : 1, 2, 3,(for three switches).
Switch no 1 : press "1" for "ON" and again "1" for "OFF".
Example :
if you want to turn "OFF" the 3rd switch (sw no: 3), press "3" and 3rd switch will turn on and if you press "3" again then your 3rd switch is OFF.
. or you can turn off 3rd switch by press "6" and turn on by press "9".

similarly 1st and 2nd switch can be controlled by "4", "5", "7", "8" etc. All switch can turn on together by "*" and turn off by "#" button.
The status of all switch can save by press "A".

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