Home Security System (wireless)

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Home Security System (wireless)
Home Security System (wireless)
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Home Security System is use to Create an alarm if someone is entering into your home.
This security system is divided into two part. Both part are wireless.

1. Sensor Unit:
This part is consist with "PIR Sensor" which detect presence of human,
wireless transmitter which send the alarm signal to the "Alarm unit",
And one 9v Battery.

2. Alarm Unit:
This is a wireless receiver. It include a siren. When someone come near to the "sensor unit" then this alarm unit will crate an alarm or siren.
Wireless Range : 50 feet (in open space)
Alarm Sound level :70 dB
Sensor Range : 10 to 15 feet
sensor angle :140x360 degree.
Standby time : 25 days
Tx battery : 9V non-rechargeable
Rx battery : 2 x 1.5v, AAA
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