Heat Transfer Vinyl Plotter Cutting Machine - PUMA IV

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Heat Transfer Vinyl Plotter Cutting Machine - PUMA IV
Heat Transfer Vinyl Plotter Cutting Machine - PUMA IV
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Model: Puma IV LX
Operational Method: Roller-Type
Max. Cutting Width: 590 mm(23.23 in.)
Max. Media Loading Width: 719 mm(28.3 in.)
Min. Media Loading Width: 50 mm(1.97 in.)
Acceptable Material Thickness: 0.8 mm (0.03 in.)
Number of Pinch Rollers: 2
Drive: DC Servo Control
Max. Cutting Force : 500g
Max. Cutting Speed(Diagonal): 1,020 mm/s(40.2 ips) (at 45° direction)

• Compatible with Windows 7and above and MAC OS X 10.6 and above.
• The specification and data sheet may vary with different materials used. In order to obtain the best output quality, please maintain the machine regularly and properly.
• We reserves the right to change the specifications at any time without notice.
• We certified material in tracking is Avery MPI 3000.
• The above listed specification values are effective only when operated with media certified by us.

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