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Beta Chemical Supply different type of heat transfer film. Which is the best quality in Bangladesh. Here are some sample.


· Choose the photograph and adjust the color.

· Coating and adjust the rules of sending paper.

· Tips:up side down; Tear away the PET protect film.

· Print and cut the picture.

· Tear away other useless film.

· Dry,solidify,according to the ink,regularly in 30mins.

· Heat print,according to fabrics,regular at 150-160℃,8-10s,pressure6-8kg.

· Dry,solidify, then tear away the release film.


· It is suitable for Eco-solvent ink.

· Can not placed at the wet place long time,remember place it in black bag.

· It is not suitable for thick -lines fabrics,otherwise will see the lines of fabrics after transfer,it is not good to effects of fabrics, such as 3D、600D etc.

· After print, it needs some time and space for dry,and it can stick better.

· If smell smelly ,should place it in draft,the smell will disappear.

· Keep hand clean while use these products,otherwise it will effect the picture.

· Try the graver before Using,adjust the graver in to suitable one.

Packing: 1000 Sheets in one carton

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