Glitter powder

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Glitter powder
Glitter powder
Glitter powder
Glitter powder
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Beta Chemical sales the Bangladeshi renowned ZORITEX brand glitter. It's gloss, it's shiny, it's smooth and and heat proof. Not harmful for boy at all.

The use of glitter powder mostly Clothing, Furniture, Bags, Shoes, Kids Toys, Arts & crafts. Etc. But N. S. Industry produce their glitter based on textile grade. Which means, the glitter powder use as screen printing chemical/accessories. It based on the Thickness and Stability under the heat/temperature.

Thickness: 36 Micron

Size & Shape: The shape of glitter powder is “Hexagonal“. We produce glitter powder of 3(three) different sizes. Which is:

1. Size: 1/128 or 0.06″
2. Size: 1/96 or 0.08″
3. Size: 1/64 or 0.15″

Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.

Ironing 110°C, (15 sec)
Dry Heat 180°C, (60 sec)

Packing: 5/kg PP bag and 4 bags in a Carton.
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Beta Chemical
Beta Chemical

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